Parents Promoting Student's Education

October 14, 2018

As parents, we can really help at home improve our son or daughter’s education? Here are some ideas on what parents can do to help promote their student to do their very best in middle school:

*Get to know your student’s teachers
      *Ask questions to the teachers and the school
      *Let the school know about your concerns

*Attend events at the school
      *Attend Parent Teacher Conferences
      *If you need translation, please contact the office for assistance

*Ask your son or daughter about school every day.
      *What did they learn in Science or Math or other subjects?
      *Do they have any tests coming up that they need to study for at home?
      *How did they do on their homework from the day before?

*Monitor your student’s time at home.
      *Are they making good choices with friends that also make good choices in and out of school?
      *Are they going to bed at a good time?
      *What are they doing on their electronics?

*Monitor your student’s homework.
      * Are they bringing schoolwork home to work on?
      *Ask to check over your student’s homework to see if they have completed the work
      *Find help, or call the school, if your student is struggling on homework or tests.

*Check on their student’s grades on PowerSchool.
      *Does your child have passing grades and doing as well as they can in each of their classes?
      *Email or call the teachers to ask questions if your child is not doing well in a class. 

The partnership between the teachers, parents and the students make a difference in how students view the importance of them doing well in school and how well they succeed each year!