Pi Day

March 29, 2016

The American Team 6th grade math celebrated Pi Day Monday, 3/14. We started a few days early learning about the history of pi followed by creating a Piscape. In our ISN notebooks we added 2 pages about circles – properties, circumference and area. We then did an activity applying what we had learned about circumference and area. Students measured the diameter of various cookies in “How Big Is Your Cookie” and found the area and circumference.

 On Pi Day we began by having students who had practiced pi recite the numbers as far as they could go. Brianna Zarate was the overall winner for this activity. Students than had could that had “pi” in it such as: pinecone, armpit and spill. A couple of other contests we had was who could draw the best freehand circle and who could “guesstimate” the circumference of theto list as many words as they giant circle on the whiteboard. Students also got to enjoy a large piece of pie that students brought to school to share. Overall we had a lot of fun with pi!

Recite Pi Keri S. Cordelia H. Briana Z. Leticia V.
Pi in Words Keri S. Arlin M. Susan C. Angel P.
Perfect Circle Megan D. Ali B. Ricardo R. Aaron C.
Estimate  Alicia M. Cassie G. Amy N. Hunter S.