Read Around the World

November 28, 2016

Where In The World Were You Born?

The library’s theme this year is “Read Around the World,” and we are encouraging students to read books that are set in other countries. Many students are participating in the Read Around the World Challenge. Students complete any five squares on a bingo-like board by reading a variety of books, including one set in another country, to win a small prize.

We have also asked our students to complete a survey—“Where In The World Were You Born?” The amazing results are posted on the display below which is posted in the LMS library.    

According to our survey, 443 of our students were born in Nebraska, and 127 of our students were born in another state.

The remainder of our students were born in other countries: Mexico—37; Guatemala 18; Kenya—12; Somalia—6; Canada—3; Puerto Rico, China, Thailand—2 each; Germany, Yemen, Cuba, Iraq, Egypt, El Salvador, Honduras—1 each.

Through our “Read Around the World” theme this year, we hope to broaden students’ awareness of the world and its many cultures.