Reading Class

February 20, 2012

"The Maze Runner"

One or two days a week for the past three weeks Mrs. Solomon's Reading class has been breaking from the Reading Curriculum to work on their different projects for the Reading Banquet. Coming up on March 20th Lexington Middle School will be hosting the Reading Banquet in the gym. Although this day is over a month away Mrs. Solomon and her Reading students are hard at work preparing for the exciting All School Event that helps raise funds for the school library.

This year Mrs. Solomon's class will be decorating a table based off of the Novel "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner. The class read the first novel, in the three novel series, in December and January and are now trying to put their thoughts of the novel into unique decorations for their class table. The table will feature placemats, bookmarks, mint cups and a table decoration all showing/telling different pieces of information from the novel. The table will have a summary of the book written by a group of students as well as a copy of the novel "The Maze Runner."

The class is enjoying the challenges of putting this all together and are looking forward to sharing in the excitement of the box, beetle blades, the grievers and WICKED!