October 25, 2013

Three Steps To Respect

Excerpt from Character Connection, Secondary Edition

Has your child ever been rude to you?  If so, you're not alone.  Adolescents certainly can have an "attitude" at times, and parents usually get the worst of it.  The situation isn't hopeless, however.  Here are several things you can do to encourage respectful behavior from your child.

1.     Ask for it.  If you want respect, the first step is to request it.  Make a list of the kinds of behavior you want from your adolescent.  Then, share this list with your child.

Examples: "Avoid foul language," "Speak without sarcasm," "Look at me when I'm talking."

2.     Provide motivation. Be sure your teen understands what results he can expect from his behavior.  Try to link certain privileges, such as using the telephone, to his actions.  Let him know that respect will be rewarded with extra phone time, and disrespectful behavior will result in a loss of the privilege.

3.     Return the favor.  Show your adolescent the same respect you want her to know.  For example, knock on the door before entering her room or ask before borrowing her belongings.  You'll be setting an example that will encourage her to treat you respectfully, too.