October 25, 2011

Seventh Grade Super Scientists

science7aThe first quarter has been a busy one for seventh grade Science! Students began the year studying the steps involved in the scientific method. After learning and testing on the new vocabulary words introduced with scientific method, they created a Comic Life to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts.

Mrs. Maloley's and Mrs. Bauer's classes joined together to design a bottle rocket using the scientific method process. The students were paired with a partner to research bottle rockets. They were guided with numerous websites to aid in their investigation of bottle rockets. After researching was complete, they proceeded to the next level of scientific method and developed a hypothesis about the design of a bottle rocket. The following step was to cooperatively build a bottle rocket. They were allowed to bring materials to construct their experiment. The seventh grade classroom was buzzing with creativity!

After several days of design work the new seventh grade scientists were ready to test their rockets. All bottle science7brockets were filled with the same amount of water and air pressure. We had a lot of fun observing and recording the results of the students' trials.

To finalize the project, the seventh graders were required to write a conclusion for their rocket experiment. The conclusion included the materials used, the independent, dependent, and controlled variables, any observations, whether the hypothesis was proved right or wrong, and what the super scientists learned about the design of a bottle rocket!