Sensory Bags

April 10, 2018

With the help of a grant given by the Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation John Russell Applegate Fund for Teachers, some Lexington Middle School staff are able to carry sensory bags into classrooms.  John Russell Applegate lived most of his life around Sutherland, Nebraska and left a generous bequest to give funds for educational needs to support teachers.  Due to his generosity, teachers are able to use these funds to support their students. 

The bags are filled with sensory items such as fidgits, stretchy bands, stress balls and water timers.  Ten desk kick bands were also purchased with the grant.  A student who may show signs of inattention, anxiety or stress in the classroom may benefit from having something to keep their mind focused.  A child may like to seek out tactile experiences by touching or stroking an item.  Having different textures to touch can create a calming experience.  With the help of the grant, some staff members now have the opportunity to offer these items to help students stay focused or on task in the classroom.