Spanish Class

December 8, 2015

The Christmas break is almost here and some countries have fundraising campaigns that help a lot of people with disabilities. Here in the USA one of the most important events is Teleton which was December 4th to help children with special abilities.

One of the most important objectives for this academic unit is to know about the special functions of social organizations in our countries. The students researched information about four important social organizations and  described their functions. Students discovered how these social organizations help people with special needs or with low economic resources. In our second stage of the process seventh grade students are preparing an investigation project about Teleton. It will contain a video to encourage the people to help at the social organization and how to achieve their economic goal for this year. The short video will be at least three minutes long and will contain images and messages of how people can be notified about what is happening with millions of children around the world that need special attention. Students choose different topics for their presentation. The topic contains a message of hope for special children. The students believe thy can make the difference, creating a big impact over the people to help this nobles cause. The students are making some special adjustments accordingly with the topic. For example, they are including special music to have a better impact over the general audience and to convince the population to collaborate with this human actions. Finally, every students will present the project in front of the class for a grade. The experience will contribute with student’s future making them a better citizens. Creating the spirit to help everybody that needs help, no matter what their skin color, religion, social class, language or nationality. Some students took this project very personally because some of them have a family member with some special needs. The dedication they showed for them is outstanding because they feel that their families need special attention. The most important fact is the students did their best to get it done with their projects.

With satisfaction we are sure that our main goal  is achieved because we are doing this kind of activities to imbed the students of an idea about the importance to help any social organization in our communities or any place around the world.