Spanish Friday Short Movies

October 24, 2017

This first quarter, the Spanish classes spent Fridays watching short animated movies and retelling the stories or part of them in different ways, either screen shooting the movie, printing the pictures or drawing the story. Students always needed to retell the whole story in Spanish or, exceptionally, change the ending. During this nine weeks we watched some Pixar short films “Partly cloudy”,  “break”, “The fox and the mouse”,  “The Wishgranter”, “Piper”, etc.

Sometimes, we made illustrations of the stories or draw thefavorite part as six graders did  with the story of “The Fox and the Mouse”, a survival story that ends in friendship.  

Sometimes, we made pop-up stories. This is what six graders did with “Piper” (This time they only represented element of the story in their pop-up cards.).

Seventh graders draw their favorite part of the story in “The Wishgranter”: a romantic story of two lonesome souls that are meant to be together.

Eighth graders illustrated the LAVA story, the love song among volcanoes that deserve a happy ending after all the suffering and loneliness they go through till the very ending.