Spanish, Something More Than A Language Class

January 25, 2019

This School Year, as I mentioned on a previous article, we are not doing Grammar in the Spanish class, and that causes some suspicion among students and parents. The Spanish class is not only about the language, it’s learning the language through content and that content can be related to multiple topics, anything imaginable, from history to science passing through the arts, customs of the Spanish Speaking Countries, etc. The challenge is finding topics in Spanish appropriate and interesting for Middle Schoolers. That’s for me the hardest task of all. 

This quarter in Spanish 6, we are working with songs and articles about Pre-Columbine Civilizations. I still had today a kid asking what are we learning with this. I hope, sooner or later, she’ll find out the answer.

Spanish 7 is working with the arts, in particular, with cinema. We made some activities in relation to movie listings, movie trailers, short movies and we covered different genres: animation, fiction, commercials, and documentary. We are about to start with music and audiovisual communication (that includes media supporting music).

Eight graders are working, since the beginning of the quarter, on the Eurail. What is this? It’s a way to travel around Europe using the train. Students are designing their own European experience through this project. They have to research about interesting places to visit in five neighbored countries in Europe and, apart from that, making their own passport with information about the countries they are visiting, as well as a map with information and pictures of  their trip to Europe. Finally, they will have to come up with an estimation of their expenses, and see if their budget will be enough. Students will finish the project presenting their trip to the class.