Speaking Up

September 13, 2016

LMS students are learning how to become better speakers this year through a variety of presentations.  Each class will have different presentations to complete.  So far, we have presented two or three times, learned the basics to a presentation, and are learning to adjust our volume, tone, posture, eye contact, gestures and visual aids.  That’s a lot to learn is such a short time!  

The best advice we have heard is practice, practice, practice!  If a student could not find a family member to listen, they are encouraged to practice in front of a mirror.  Practice will make everything much easier!  Students typically receive two grades for each assignment: a presentation grade and a class work grade.  Most work will be completed in class although sometimes a student may have to finish outside of class.  So far, students have enjoyed sharing their heritage, hobby, or bucket list with the rest of the class.  We are all improving as speakers and audience members with each presentation!