Spoiler Alert

March 30, 2012

Hunger Games Movie spoiler alert!

Consensus among eighth grade reading students is...........books are better than movies!!!  While this should be a "no brainer", we often do ourselves an injustice by not reading the book and just seeing a movie.  

After reading The Hunger Games and seeing the movie, Eighth grade students were upset about various details that were left out of or not defined in the movie.  Most of us were not happy that Madge was excluded from the movie for it is she that gives Katniss the Mockingjay pin, not something Katniss purchases in the Hob to give to Prim.  We were also not impressed with the Mutts in the movie. In the book, Katniss recognizes the fallen contestants in the eyes and collars of the mutated Mutts.  We all thought they would be more human-like (think werewolf or sci-fi character) than so strongly dog in form.  We did not feel that justice was given to relationships in the movie either.  There is virtually no relationship built between Katniss and her prep team and not enough of a bond developed between Katniss and Cinna.  Also, every tribute was allowed to take a token from their district so Cinna should not need to tell Katniss to keep her pin a secret.  How will that help everything play out in the next movie where the mockingjay symbol is "all the rage" in the capitol and a sign of hope to those in the districts? Last, there is no real connection felt between Katniss and Gale nor Katniss and Peeta. None of us truely bought into their "star-crossed-lovers" bit and would not have sent them anything if asked to be a sponsor for them.

On the other hand, it was a good lesson to revisit.  Nothing can be more creative and satisfying than enjoying a good book.  When that movie starts playing in your mind and you get lost in your book, there is nothing that can compare to that feeling.  With summer fast approaching there will be time for students to enjoy creating their own movies in their imaginations while reading a good book.  Better readers make better learners.  We would like to encourage everyone to keep reading.  And may the odds be ever in your favor!