March 25, 2014

Sportsmanship 4 Life Pep Rally

LMS eighth grade students recently attended the 2014 Central Nebraska Sportsmanship 4 Life Pep Rally at UNK sponsored by the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame Foundation.  The educational idea of the gathering was to support sportsmanship and life skills necessary for anyone to be successful in life.  Many UNK and UNL members spoke words of encouragement for all those in attendance.  Messages included:

Montanna Hosterman (UNK Women's Soccer): Commitment applies to anything in our life.  Set a goal, achieve your dream and help others.

Brandon Chapek (UNL Football): Think about what you really want then practice patience and use hard work.  It won't always be easy and it won't always be fun, but once you attain what you desire, the payoff is huge!

Jacob Griess (UNL Track & Field): Look deep and see the good in others.  When we respect each other, we don't bully others, rather we see things we have in common.  Life is better when we treat each other with respect.

Tyke Kozeal (UNK Football):  Set goals and aim high.  Make a goal you can attain.  Create ways to measure your success such as a timetable or smaller goals to achieve along the way - similar to a ladder you use to reach for things just out of your reach.

Maggie Malone (UNL Track & Field):  You only live once!  Why not go for it?  There should be no "what if's" in your life.  Connect and make relationships with those around you including your teachers, coaches, and teammates.  Help each other and hold each other accountable.

Michael Dentlinger (UNK Men's Basketball):  Respect starts with respecting yourself.  You have to give respect to get respect.  Honor your commitments, conduct yourself responsibly and work as hard has you can to be the best that you can.

Ron Kellogg III (UNL Football):  Never give up.  Work hard, academics come first.  Don't give up and stick with what you start.

Marc Bauer (UNK Wrestling):  To be successful you have to do your very best.  We are responsible for our own choices and behaviors.  Think about how you want people to look and you and remember you.

Many activities were interspersed throughout the presentations including our very own Lexington native Sydney Seberger (UNK Women's Basketball) in a rousing 3-Point Shooting Contest and Tanya Crevier of Crevier Family Performers who impressed us with her mad ball handling skills.