Spring Season

April 25, 2013

Special topic for spring season.

The season of evaluation is almost finishing and the students are very excited to enjoy the summer vacation. But it is necessary that we should know the results about the last evaluation of NESA testing. Under the process of evaluation we can established what are the weakness and strength in ours classes. If we can identify these elements, this information will allow us to look for new methods and strategies to improve our academic ways to teach and change the old standards of education applying new methodologies that allow the students to understand and learn the new curriculum education according to their needs and levels. This way we can projected ourselves to the future with new programs and charged of motivation, interaction, knowledge, technology, and good resources. Under this point of view, it is necessary that like a teacher we can be ready to face new challenges where the main project will be to improve our knowledge and abilities to teach better for our students and this way we can achieve a change in their life in the future.

Each year is a compromise to grow and grow up like professionals. Why? Because one day our students could remember the role that we did in their lives.