State Writing

January 11, 2012

Time to Get in Writing Gear

by Lisa Fricke

       Eighth grade Language Arts students have been working on a variety of concepts this semester including how to write a five-paragraph essay. The eighth graders are scheduled to take the Statewide Writing Assessment on January 31 and February 2, 2012.  If the students take this two-day writing process seriously, follow directions, and remember what they have been taught about writing, they should do well.

        The statewide writing assessments used to be scored by qualified Nebraska teachers at ESU #3 in Omaha.  Professionals from the Nebraska Department of Education trained these teachers at the beginning of each day and retrained them periodically during the two day scoring sessions to keep the grading focused on the six traits of writing. Starting last year, the state decided to ship the assessments to Minnesota to be scored.

        The statewide writing assessment is a time to show the rest of Nebraska that Lexington students write well, and it's also a chance to receive positive coverage in newspapers throughout the state when the scores are released from NDE in August.  Please continue to encourage eighth graders to write well across the curriculum in preparation for this high stakes assessment after Christmas.