Stay Connected

October 14, 2013

Stay Connected from Home

Renaissance Home ConnectTM  is an excellent way for students to share their Accelerated Reading progress with parents.

Students, you will need to use your student login and password to access this site:

Once you've logged in, you will be able to show your parents your quarterly progress toward your Accelerated Reader point and comprehension goals.  At Lexington Middle School, all students strive to meet or beat the school-wide 85% average comprehension goal.  Point goals vary by student and are based upon student reading levels.  Some teachers set Book Level goals with students that may also be viewed on the Home Connect page.  The Renaissance Home ConnectTM screen will show what percentage of each goal is completed so far for the quarter. 

Renaissance Home ConnectTM provides several additional pieces of information related to student reading performance.  Vocabulary Quiz performance and Certification achievement are displayed on this page.  The My Last Quiz feature shows an image of the most recent book completed as well as the student's comprehension score on the quiz.  A bookshelf gives a visual record of books a student has read and tested on to date.  Each book can be clicked on to see student performance on the Accelerated Reader comprehension quiz, points earned, and a brief synopsis of the book.

Parents, this page is an excellent way to monitor your student's progress toward reading class goals from home.  The page is user-friendly and can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection.  Home Connect presents the opportunity to talk with your students about reading and their interests.