Student Conferences

February 17, 2014

All the parents out there:

As many for you know the middle school just held the second and final Parent-Teacher Conference of the year. You may have also noticed, instead of the traditional  "parent sitting with the teacher, discussing your child" model; YOUR child led this conference.  

You may be asking yourself what are the benefits of having my child lead the conference. Well, there are actually multiply benefits and reasons student-lead conferences are the way to go.

  • Your child feels a little more apart of his or her learning plan. This helps motivates your child as well as helps your child have an active role academic progress.
  • It increases your child's responsibility and oral communication skills. The students have the opportunity to take presentation into their own hands. They learn responsibility in being prepared, and on time. The students are also required to present information to more than one person tactfully, which helps improve confidence for public speaking.
  • It helps your child see his/her progress and allows them to set goals.
  • Finally, Student-led conferences improve on parent involvement and participation. Parents feel more accountable to attend the conference when their child has but time and effort into a presentation.

 Student-lead conferences are beneficial for the students, parents, and the school.