Talapia & Vegetables

April 19, 2018

Science in the 6th grade is slowly wrapping up.  We have been working with UNK through a graduate project that is allowing us to grow tilapia and vegetables in our 6th grade classroom.  We have been watching our fish grow…very slowly.  We have found out that tilapia grow better in a warmer climate.  It has not helped that most of our plants did not make it.  However, once we figured out the right PH levels we now have some ivy and hot peppers growing very well. 

We have also partnered with the high school Ag program as they are working on their own aquaponics system with UNL.  The high school students will be taking and monitoring all the different aspects of the tank and take readings.  They will then come over to the middle school and share their findings and help the middle school students graph the rates of growth, light, ph levels and water temperature.