Thanks to Student Council

May 1, 2019

The end of the year is quickly approaching; there is no time than the present to thank a wonderful group of students at the middle school.  The student council put together two successful American Red Cross blood drives this year.  During the November and February drives the students manned the check-in table greeting donors as they arrived. Their responsibilities also included visiting with donors while they are donating to help pass the time, provide refreshments as the donors were recovering before leaving, cleaning, loading/unloading the supplies, recruiting, and so much more. The donors, American Red Cross coordinator, nurses, and many teachers sang their praises as they worked hard to give back to those in need.  To say the student council was impressive is an understatement.  The drives aren’t able to run without donors and volunteers.  A couple of student council members approached Mrs. Rosner, the middle school sponsor for the blood drives, recently about hosting another drive this summer. Several students have offered to come in during their summer break to continue to give back. Students have opened their eyes and hearts to a need and have gone above and beyond to help those in need. The student council members will be hosting a drive on July 15th.  Please let a member know if you want an appointment. Please consider donating this summer whether at the middle school or elsewhere.