Veteran's Day Quilt

November 9, 2018

After writing for the Patriot Pen and reading about the Vietnam Memorial wall, students were excited to get creative for Veteran’s day! Each Language Arts class created a “quilt” that had to follow a theme. Each student had one square to fill, and all squares had to come together to create an artistic piece.The themes chosen for the quilts were as follows: 

* Thank you to all Veterans
*  Soldiers
* Families United
* Coming Home
* Memory of those Lost
*Different Wars
*Branches of Military
*Military Appreciation

The quilts of both 8th grade, Patriot and Liberty, teams will be displayed during the Veteran’s day program. Afterwards all 10 quilts will be distributed to different locations around the community: Dawson County Museum, Dawson Utilities, Great Western Bank, Teps, Dawson Public Power, Grand Generation Center, Public Library, and Runza. 

Thank you to all of our Veterans for all that you do!