Welcome Back

January 8, 2014

Welcome Back From Your Christmas Break!

It's time to go back to our ordinary lives where destiny has prepared different things that will help us mold into our future selves. The school is our destiny for the next  five months and there we are going to meet our friends, partners and teachers. But the most important part for our lives is the knowledge and wisdom that we can get in the next semester. It is time to set our goals and expectations so that  they are clear to us if we want see good results at the end of the school year.

In our mind it is necesary that we have space to consider what is the best way on how to face the new challenges for the third and fourth quarter. We need to be ready for activities like Map's Testing, Parent Teacher Conferences, reading goals, improving our last grades, and participating in sports. Looking at  all these challenges, we hope you are ready with your batteries charged because we have a loto f things to do. The most important part is, you'll need to be ready physically, mentally  and emotionally  to be successful during the rest of the year.

Remember, if you are mentally ready, you should enjoy the rest of things that you need to do. The key to achieve  what you want to do is to believe in yourself and never give up.

Think positive and remember the power is yours.