What's Going On In 7th Grade Science

September 13, 2018

Hello my name is Miss. Carter and I am the seventh grade science teacher on the stars team. I just joined the Lexington team, this year. I graduated from Wayne State College in May 2018. I have a degree in Middle School Education with endorsements in math, science, and coaching.

In science we are beginning with the scientific method. Finding out how scientists’ think and how to apply this in our own lives. We will be applying the scientific method to the Monarch Butterflies unit. Students are going to learn how butterflies impact our lives. Your student will also learn how we can help Monarchs and why helping Monarchs will improve our environment.

We will be doing hands on activities to learn about aquaponics, duckweed, ecosystems, nitrogen cycle, and the carbon cycle. To finish the year we will be doing rocket.

I hope everyone has a great year.

Miss. Carter