Write Tools

April 2, 2013

Success with Write Tools' Research Process

            Over the last four weeks, the 7th Grade Stars Team students investigated, researched, and compiled research papers about famous African Americans in Language Arts class.  Although this process seemed to be quite timely, the students were very successful in their research endeavors.

            First, the students used the Write Tools process of creating note cards to keep track of all of their research information.  They learned about S-cards (Source cards) that allowed them to correctly cite their information, I-cards (Information cards) that enabled them to gather information without plagiarizing, and Q-cards (Quote cards) that allowed them to bring the person they were researching to life in their papers.  The students will be the first to tell someone that this was the most difficult part of their research paper writing process.  However, it was only with this tedious process, that the students could be successful in formulating a plan and writing their research paper.

            Next came the planning process.  The students continued to use "number notes" that they have learned throughout the year with many other writing projects.  The students were quickly relieved when all they had to do to create their number notes was put their information from their I-cards into their plans as details.  They couldn't believe how easy it was!  Topic sentences and unique, attention-seeking "blues" were used to spice up their writing as well.  Once the students mapped out their papers they were on their way to completing their research projects.

            The final step in the writing process was to revise, edit, and publish.  The students learned the value of working with others to improve their writing.  They relied heavily on their peers to aid in making their writing sound and look better.  Once they finished conferencing with their peers, the students used their last bit of energy to produce their final drafts.  The end result was something quite extraordinary.

            Even though the Write Tools research process took four weeks to complete, the 7th grade Stars team students will leave the school year much more knowledgeable and fluent in the research process.  As one student quoted a very influential African-American, Muhammad Ali, "Don't quit, suffer now, and live the rest of your life as a champion."  The Stars team has conquered research and we are very proud of them!