Writing Friendly Letters in 7th Grade

March 21, 2019

Over the years with the advancement of technology many students have never written a letter or addressed an envelope.  These are skills that we feel are very valuable for students to know. For the second year in a row the Stripes Team has been taking part in the Great American Mail Race. With this activity each student chooses two states and then they research middle schools and junior high schools within that state. Once they have found a school to write to, we work as a class to put together a packet with a teacher letter, a survey filled out about Lexington Middle School, a blank survey, and finally the student letter.

Letter writing is a valuable skill for students to learn. In class we talk about all the different parts of a letter and what sorts of information go into a friendly letter. Students are always very eager to talk about themselves and their school.  We talk about how to make connections through letter writing and that asking questions is very important. So students really do enjoy this activity and are excited to receive the written letters back.

The final skill that students learn is how to address an envelope. Only a small handful of students have ever addressed an envelope and many do not know where the different information goes. As a class we go through what information is important and how it should go onto the envelope.  We also talk about how important it is to write nicely, because if the post office is unable to read it then they will not mail the letter.

So far this year we have mailed out more than 250 letters. The students have received about 100 letters from schools around the state and country. The closest letter that we have received came from Cozad, Nebraska. While the furthest letter came all the way from Cabot, Vermont.