Your Child Needs You

March 11, 2019

Moms and Dads, Your Child Needs You

~By Kristie Dugan, LMS Instructional Coach

Middle schoolers are not the easiest to raise sometimes. We as parents and teachers, know that there are many challenges that come with raising kids, but these particular years do seem to cause more stress than others sometimes.

Middle Schoolers have tons of emotions racing through their heads at this age. They are having to make more decisions each day, more than they have ever had to before; Do I do my homework now, or play a little longer on Fort Night? Do I say something to the kid that hurt my feelings, or walk away? Do I send this picture or text or not? Do I listen to the teacher when he or she is teaching, or talk to my friend sitting next to me? This list of questions could go on and on and on. Many times middle schoolers have never thought about making these choices on their own until now. They just did what they were told to do when they were little by their parents, or an adult. Life seemed easy.  

As parents, we need to help with our child as their mind and body is growing and maturing. This list is also long for us as parents. We must continue to make sure they have clothes that fit and are clean, that they are at school every day, they go to bed at a decent time and that they have good food to eat at home, etc.. Our time with them now must also include daily questions and conversations about how their day went, who their friends are and what they do when they are together with their friends. We must include questions about how their classes are going, what their grades are, how are their teachers helping them to learn, etc.. We must help middle schoolers also learn how to monitor their emotions and talk about their feelings with us, after all, parents have known their child the longest and may be the first to realize when something is bothering them.

As teachers, we all care about every one of our kids...your kids! We want them to do their best in and out of class! We want them to learn about making the best decisions, even if it isn’t the decision they really want to make.

Please know if you ever need help with having a conversation with your child, or you have a concern about, there are people at the school that will listen and help.  

Teachers can do their best at instructing their best lessons, providing the best practices for the students to work on, and helping to achieve the challenges of the classroom. However, sometimes, if a middle schooler has too many “other things” on their mind, not even the best instruction can help your child learn. We as teachers and parents must work together to help your child become the best he or she can become.