LMS School Supplies

July 10, 2017

6th Grade | 7th Grade | 8th Grade | Mrs. Haines Class (printable versions) School Supplies for 6th Grade 3-hole standard loose-leaf notebook paper (National only): additional ream to give to teacher pencils (wooden, mechanical) erasers highlighters (g... Read More

Be A Volunteer This Summer

May 18, 2017

The calendar has turned to May—school is almost out—what are you going to be doing this summer?  Most students probably have plans for doing sports, going to the swimming pool, hanging out with friends and perhaps doing some traveling with their families. Th... Read More

Digital Art Class

May 9, 2017

The 7th graders in Digital Art class are using online resources to supplement their work. They are currently creating nonobjective artwork using Photoshop. In order to be successful in this endeavor the students must use resources that are not “built in” to the s... Read More

Totem Poles

May 8, 2017

After reading the book Touching Spirit Bear, 6th graders on the National team are making totem poles.  The book is set in southeastern Alaska, and the main character carves a totem pole as part of his healing process.  We chose animals that represent our personalit... Read More

Stay Smart This Summer

May 5, 2017

We are rapidly approaching summer vacation.  One of the best ways to stay sharp over the summer is to try something new.  You can watch TV, play video games, and follow social media the whole rest of the year.  The weather is nice now.  Do something fun!&... Read More