7th Grade Learns Research Skills

October 29, 2019

The 7th graders have been working on their research skills by studying deadly diseases throughout the centuries. Students learned how to find information from books and articles within a database and online. Students then learned how to cite, highlight, paraphrase, and create informational note cards based on their findings. Students also worked on organizing the information they found between three areas, cause and exposure, symptoms, and effects on society. By having three defined areas students had to be able to correctly identify and place the information they collected into the appropriate category.  Not only did students work on their research skills, but they also learned to work in a small group. They took on roles and had to work together to find all the necessary information to complete the project. They learned time management skills and how to prioritize different elements within the project.  The skills that they have learned with this project will help them be more successful in the spring when they write their research paper and History Day projects.