Cookie Pop Up Shop

November 5, 2019

American math students have spent the last two months working on fractions, decimals, and percents. As a cumulating activity we did a project called “The Cookie Pop Up Shop.” Each student picked out three cookies and had to find the total ingredients, then as a group, get the total ingredients for their group. The next step they needed to find the cost of each ingredient. Once that was done they discussed what they should charge for each cookie. The groups had to look at their price per cookie and decide did they charge enough to cover the cost of ingredients. The last step was to use a couple of formulas to determine if they were charging too much or little for their cookies. We also had a lot of discusstions about the different types of ingredients and what happens when you write down the wrong measurements. They wrapped it up by deciding how many cookies they need to sell to make a $100, $500, and $1000 profit. Students found out that opening a business takes a little more work than just opening a doors.