"Dealing With Emotions"

January 29, 2019

Moody, private, self-conscious…if this sounds like your Middle School child, you’re not alone.  At this age, their body and emotions are changing rapidly.  Here are some ways to help them cope.

 Managing moods.  Physical growth and worries about friends, sports, and schoolwork can cause moodiness.  Let your child know that you’re available to talk.  A quiet statement such as “I remember what it feels like not to be included,” can invite your child to open up about what’s bothering them.

Finding privacy.  It’s natural for your child to want some time to themselves.  He or she might close their bedroom door or walk outside to take a phone call, for example.  Show them that you respect their growing need for privacy by giving them space.

Fitting in.  Many Middle School students feel self-conscious.  Being part of a group of people who share the same interests can help your child focus on strengths and feel more confident.  Encourage them to participate in and join at least one activity or sport.  Basketball, wrestling, volleyball, football, track, cross-country are sports that they can get involved with here at our Middle School. Other activities such as Multiple Choices, Circle of Friends, TeamMates, and Student Council are other examples of activities and organizations that are available for your child.