"The Bully"

May 16, 2016

During the 4th quarter, our 6th grade reading class has been reading the novel, “The Bully”, by Paul Langan. This story is about a young man who has moved from his home in Philadelphia to a town in California.  Darrell, a 9th grader,  finds himself in a terrible situation as a bigger boy, who also attends his school and is in his classes, bullies him.  This is a story about believing in yourself and building confidence in yourself, even when others tear you down.

After each chapter, the class discussed the characters and their role in the story.  We were able to break down the story into chunks, and show that reading a novel is not as scary as we think it may be.  The students enjoyed the story very much and were excited to see what was going to happen next.  During discussion time of the story, we talked about characters and their feelings.  We also talked about how the characters actions affected them.  “The Bully” is a great story, and if you have a 6th grader, ask them if they read the book and to tell you about it.