"The Tell-Tale Heart"

September 18, 2019

“Villains! I admit the deed.
 Tear up the planks. 
It is the beating of his hideous heart.” 
8th grade students in Language Art are currently peering into Edgar Allen Poe’s mind and analyzing “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Using the story, students have to create a project consisting of three or four parts. Some students have chosen to do more and go above and beyond. They have many options to create a world that is twisted and dark while being creative and sparking up their different interests. Students are able to connect to Edgar Allen Poe’s thoughts through different forms:  writing an alternative ending, typing a convincing letter, drawing some magnificent art, creating a cartoon version, or creating a digital story. Harken! This is a must-read story, even the 8th graders will tell you that!