"Touching Spirit Bear"

May 14, 2019

The 6th graders read the book “Touching Spirit Bear” during fourth quarter.  In the book, Cole Matthews carves a totem pole.  After reading the novel and taking the AR test, students on the National team wrote an essay about an animal from the book that has characteristics that fit them best.  Examples are the bear, whale, mouse, raven, and many more.  After the students wrote their essay, they were to create their animal out of construction paper to place on a totem pole in the classroom.   There were two rules.  First, it has to be the size of a full sheet of construction paper, and second, there are to be no pencil lines shown.  Colors such as blue, yellow, brown, black, white and red were used to create colorful totem animals.  The students then used their iPads to make their animal speak their essay on an app called Talkr.  The students had lots of fun coming up with examples of how they fit the traits of their animals as well as creating animals to represent them.