ELL Field Trip to SAC Museum

April 13, 2018

This past Wednesday, the ELL team from LMS took a trip to the SAC Museum in Ashland Nebraska. The day was filled with a variety of activities. We were able to work with EV3 robots and had a little bit of fun jousting with them. EV3 robots are like the modern day remote controlled cars. Students (and teachers) also took their turns propelling a film canister filled with Alka-Seltzer and water up into the air. We also constructed a landing device made with common household items and tested to see how well they could land with “passengers” inside them. Another activity was using Cubelets and Legos to construct a vehicle to move around. Students discovered they could move that machine by simply placing their hand close to it and not touching it. We also were able to tour the hangars and learn some about the history of the planes.  Overall, it was an eventful day that went by fast!