"We Thank You For Your Childhood"

March 15, 2018

After reading The Giver in Language Arts, 8th graders had their own Ceremony of 12. In The Giver, children were considered adults and were given jobs at this age— their jobs were chosen by the committee of Elders. Like the book, each student received a “job” in the community (chosen by a teacher) and was awarded with a graduation certificate. Students received their diploma, got a handshake, and were thanked for their childhood. During this month, students will be preparing their “job” packets which will include a job description, rules they have to follow, skills they had to get them the job, and a journal of their first day on the job. 

First Picture: Diego Receiving his job tittle along with his age group. Second Picture: The Jet pilots: Ethan, Jose, Ali, Junior, and William.