Fun Times Ahead at Morton Elementary!!!

December 31, 1969

We have lots of exciting events coming up at Morton!!! As we approach the holiday season, we start to see just how busy this time of year will get for everyone at school and at home. Our afterschool program has some exciting events coming up in the next few weeks. We are looking forward to the "Lights On" after school celebration on October 20th. In honor of our after school programs in Lexington we will be having a "march" downtown from Pinnacle Bank to the Middle School. After the march we will håve an assembly with all four elementary schools and the Middle school after school programs. Our Morton 4th graders will present a "Columbus Day" readers theater for their friends and families and everyone is welcome to stay following the assembly and performance for a cake and lemonade reception. We will dismiss from the middle school this day as well. After school academy is also planning an event for Halloween involving the Middle School after school program, trick-or-treating around the Middle School!!!

More exciting news at Morton is that our new playgound is finally finished!!!!!!! After the first few weeks of school with out a playground, the kids were getting a littled bored with jump ropes and frisbees but by the looks of the kids at recess this last week, it's safe to say that they LOVE the new equipment! In addition to being taller than out previous equipment, we now have a rock wall, 4 slides, new monkey bars, and several spinners which seem to be the new favorite. Besides the new playground, we are also in the process of getting basketball courts on the south end of our play area! It is great to have such a nice area for our kids to run and play at recess!!!

Another event happening this week is Fire Prevention Week. We have been practicing fire drills and making sure everyone knows where they should go if there is a fire. The Lexington Volunteer Fire Department came this week to help make sure all of the procedures are followed correctly. They check for working alarms, open doors and timing to make sure everyone is out of the building when they participate in our fire drills. The Lexington Fire Department will be joining us again on Wednesday October 12th to talk about fire saftey and give tours of the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department Fire Trucks!

One more of our fall happenings to look forward to is......The Book Fair!!!!!! Our theme this year will be 'Reading Is Out of This World!" so keep your eye out for aliens, spaceships, mosters, robots and GOOD BOOKS!!! There just might be a UFO sighting or two at Morton in November!!! More info to come about the Book Fair very soon!!!!