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Golden Mitten Award Winner and Top 4th grade class Snowball Challenge Winner for 2019

5th grade 2019 Snowball Challenge Winners

Happy Dr. Seuss Week!

Happy Holidays!

Family Fun Night!

Family Fun Night!

Family Fun Night!

Family Fun Night!

Family Fun Night!

Family Fun Night!

Family Fun Night!

Family Fun Night!

Homecoming Week! Go Mrs. Price!!

Wacky Wednesday Homecoming Week

Pershing Elementary

Pershing Elementary School serves over 354 students in Grades 4-5. Small classes, averaging 18 students per room, allow teachers to individualize and target instruction for each child. A balanced curriculum is delivered to ALL students. A variety of programs and support services are available including: ELL Newcomer, speech therapy, inclusion, special education, music, band, and counseling. Working with parents, we provide educational opportunities that reflect the needs of every student. Parents may have their child participate in after-school programs, Lexington Academy or after school tutoring, to extend learning opportunities. We utilize a Response to Intervention model to identify and monitor children with learning delays and plan interventions to meet their needs. Teachers are involved in Professional Learning Communities to review classroom assessments and plan lessons to improve learning outcomes for our children.

Pershing Elementary Demographics

(based on the 2018-19 NDE Nebraska Education Profile)

Enrollment: 280
Free/Reduced Priced Meals: 87%
English Language Learners: 34%
Gifted: 8%

Student Membership by Race

Year American Indian/
Alaska Native
Asian Black or
African American
Hispanic Native Hawaiian or
Other Pacific Islander
White Two or
More Races
2018-19 1% 11% 68% 13% 7%


It is the policy of Lexington Public Schools not to discriminate on the basis of gender, disability, race, color, religion, marital status, age or national origin in its education programs, administration, policies, employment or other district programs.

Pershing Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

The responsibilities as a PTO grow each year along with the needs of our students. It is their duty as an organization to meet those needs. The Pershing PTO support students through book fairs and assisting financially with projects for students.

Donations to the Pershing PTO will support the educational activities at Pershing. We welcome your support and thank you for your contribution.

Students exercise before school begins each morning on our playground here at Pershing. Since we started this process, we have noticed traffic safety concerns in getting students across to the playground and back into the building with Tyler street being left open. Therefore, we close the gates in the morning to allow students safe passage to the playground.

In order to provide safety for our students, we will close our gates on Tyler Street during the morning only. Tyler Street gates will be open after school. Please drop-off students around the perimeter of the playground area, or the north or south side of Pershing. The east side is used for buses to drop-off and pick-up students.

Thank you for helping keep our students safe.


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