Pershing Reading Challenge

November 1, 2016

The Pershing Olympic Reading challenge began on September 6 and ended on October 28th.  The  students were challenged to read and be accountable for as many books as they could in that time frame.  The challenge began with an opening ceremony where the students paraded flags for their classrooms they had designed themselves.  Dr. Hakonson carried the torch and lit the Olympic flame. Dr. Melliger read a proclamation declaring the beginning of the challenge and the the kids pledged to read, read, read. And read they did! 8,485 books were checked out from the library in that short time. On the 28th Dr. Hakonson presented the medal winners at the closing ceremonies. 

Our top 4th grade winners were Gold: Paola Ortiz-Ibarra, Silver: Angel Bonilla and Bronze: Yusuf Abdi.

5th grade Gold: Aaron Hakonson, Silver: Camden Dickman and Bronze Cohner Plunkett-Wilkens.

Top 4th grade classes Gold: Miss Thompson, Silver: Mrs. Fast and Bronze: Ms. Thacker.

Top 5th grade classes Gold: Mrs. Cooksley, Silver: Mrs. Bell and Bronze Miss Weber.

The teachers who read the most books themselves were Gold: Mrs. Welch, Silver Mrs. Holub and Bronze Ms. Thacker. 

Dr. Hakonson declared the Olympics over and to go and continue  to read, read, read! Thank you Mrs. Mustard for all of your hard work and time organizing this fun event for our students!