Money for a Museum (children’s) - Sandoz

November 7, 2011

Beginning on November 7th, homerooms will be in a competition to see who can raise the most money to help bring a children’s museum to Lexington.  Former Sandoz teacher Pat Longly is raising funds to help purchase materials to have a family friendly learning environment for young children.  We are making it a competition between homerooms and will donate the money on November 17th, which is the day that “Give Big” Lexington will take place.  Any money that we donate could potentially be worth twice as much on that day, due to a donations-matching program that the Lexington Community Foundation is hosting.  Each student in the winning homeroom will receive a bag of M&M’s.  Please help give to a good cause by sending money with your child sometime within the next two weeks.  To find out more about Give Big visit: 

To find out more about the children’s museum visit: